After hearing a Las Vegas band called Freddie Bell & The Bellboys performing a comedic version of ”Hound Dog” when they opened for him in his 1956 Las Vegas gig, Elvis decided to record his own version of the song. He recorded the song debuting as a producer during the same session as ”Don’t Be Cruel” working himself and the band through an increasingly focused 31 takes.

Voxy is the booth for getting that perfect, magical, most important track of the tune and finding the Elvis-factor in your work.

With a wide selection of high-end condenser microphones and dynamic broadcasting mics and dry acoustics in the booth, getting the right kind of vocal sound should go smoothly here.

Be it one take or 31 of them, this is where a vocalist (or the percussionist) gets to know the walls and the window to the producer’s heart better than most people in either ones lives.