We offer a range of audio services from recording music to creating audio books.

Recording & studio rental

The studio is available for either use with our provided engineer or for having a blast as a 24 hour lock-out.

Be it recording a whole album with all the instruments and rooms the studio offers or just quick cases of voice overs, Stereotype Studio is made for every artist and sound guru out there.

Studio 8h with a recording engineer: ask for an offer
Studio lock-out 24h without a recording engineer: ask for an offer
32 track mobile studio recording system without a recording engineer prices starting from 400€.

The prices are dependent on the project and negotiable. Prices excluding VAT.

For prices and more information contact us:

Oskar Skaag
+358 40 7543097

Sound Production

It’s always sound that creates the mood. You can put delightful music over Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic the Shining and suddenly you have a daytime family show on your hands, if a bit strange one.

Stereotype Studio is more than ready for your projects be it movies, television, radio, audiobook.

Our diverse production team will be assisting you from small productions to bigger ones.

Prices are dependant on the size of the project.

Contact us and let’s talk about your project:

Oskar Skaag
+358 40 7543097